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Hamilton Gardens is a free public park that showcases some of the finest flowers and plants you will ever see.Spend the morning looking at the various historic garden displays — the park is designed to look and feel like a plant-based museum — and then settle by the lush grassy areas to for a romantic picnic.

I am honest and loyal and Enjoy a good Pinot noir :) and fantastic food with good company. Naturally introverted but enjoy socalising as well.

The Waikato Museum is free to enter, and many of its paid exhibitions are quite affordable too.

If you want to unleash your inner child and have a soft spot for interactive scientific exhibits, the paid Exscite gallery will be right up your alley.

like throwing dinner parties for an unknown number of guests, gorgeous architecture, all forms of art with a particular thrill for sculpture and indigenous expressions, live gigs and recorded music - I have a kinda nerdy, wacky, silly sense of humour but I believe laughing uncontrollably is the best feeling ever!!!

Better still is having someone to laugh with, someone who gets my jokes and stupid sense of humour.


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