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[Read: 13 signs of a needy partner and how you can avoid being one] #2 The controlling relationship.One partner plays a dominant role in the romance, while the other partner just follows the rules.When you first enter into a relationship with a special someone, you may not be able to predict the kind of relationship you’re in.

This is the kind of relationship where you’re too dependent on your partner, and completely rely on them to help you with your decision making.[Read: 25 memorable life lessons to perfect your life] 23 types of relationships you could experience in your life There are many kinds of unique relationships that you could experience in your lifetime.But all of them can be summarized into these 23 types of relationships.[Read: 50 questions to test your relationship compatibility] Compatibility and perfect relationships Take a moment to think about this, because understanding this line can make the difference between good lovers and bad romances.A perfect relationship doesn’t need two perfect lovers, all a perfect romance needs is two people who have the same great expectations from love.[Read: Easy and sexy ways to make married sex feel like a one night stand] #9 The trophy relationship.You’re dating your partner because it makes you look better or gives you something materialistic in return.Gold diggers and men with trophy wives are the best fit for this type of relationship. There’s no emotional connection and you just don’t care about building the love.The love in this relationship may be true, but the foundation of the relationship is built on shallow material ground instead of romantic compatibility. You’re sexually infatuated by your partner, and you don’t care how they treat you as long as you get physical intimacy.So what separates a perfect relationship from the bad ones?In reality, there’s just one thing separating the everlasting romance from the bad ones. You may be a great lover who’s selfless and giving, but if you’re dating someone who isn’t compatible with your expectations from love, the relationship can leave both of you feeling bitter and mean.


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