Dating childish men

In Buzzfeed’s example of an immature partner, it’s all about the difference between communicating when something’s bothering them and throwing a tantrum.Having a mature, calm conversation with your partner is something adults do.If you think you’re dating a man or woman child, here’s how to know.

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Living with a parent out of the need to tend to family matters is one thing.

Posting up in your parents’ basement for years on end without much motivation to make a move anytime soon, is quite another.

People who are constantly looking for reasons to ditch work probably aren’t the most responsible of folks. Your partner doesn’t have to ditch work on the reg to qualify as someone who’s terrible with personal finances.

Shirking important duties (i.e., showing up to work and earning a paycheck) is hardly a habit of successful adults. Even if they manage to hold down a steady job and make a good living, the wild world we’re living in gives them more than enough opportunities to blow that hard-earned cash on things they don’t really need.

It goes like this: You meet a potential partner, start falling for them, and eventually come to realize there’s a reason the two of you only spend the night at your place.

Dating childish men

Just because your partner’s not living with three old ladies and sleeping on a race car bed (grandma’s boy, anyone?

Although you may get a bad rap for being the one who nags, you’re likely doing it out of necessity. It So long as your partner is an able-bodied adult, being jobless for an extended period of time isn’t acceptable.

“You hear yourself nagging [them] but you can’t stop,” Jill P. (Note: Exceptions to this include being a stay-at-home parent and just having won the lottery).

Devoting yourself to someone else is a big commitment, which is why knowing how committed they are is major.

As Romper says, you know you’re “dating a grown-ass [person]” if they’ve defined the relationship.


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