Dating based birth order

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Go ahead and add "failed relationships" to the long list of things you can blame on your parents.

Turns out that where you fall in your family’s sibling hierarchy can play a pretty significant role in your relationships.

According to William Cane, author of , "birth order explains how sibling rank (firstborn, middleborn, lastborn, only child) affects personality” and how you interact with others, both socially and romantically.

While I’m not suggesting you break up with your significant other if the information below deems you two “incompatible,” figuring out your birth-order personality can be useful (and fun! Just don’t try to interpret compatibility based on birth order astrology ... Here’s what you should know about birth order and how it can affect your love life. you’re probably organized, ambitious, confident and dominant.

As your parents' only child for a stretch, it’s likely your achievements were celebrated as there was no competition for attention.

Dating based birth order

(I'm the oldest and can attest to the fact that my younger years make up 80% of my family’s photo albums, and I have two younger siblings.)All that undiluted parental attention also means you like to be in control.Figure out where your respective strengths lie (finances, scheduling, etc.) and share responsibilities.What do the President and First Lady have in common with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?And while this can lead to a fight-free relationship, it's possible the middle child will feel stifled after a while because he/she is always supporting the partner, but not getting that support in return. A firstborn (wanting to be in control) and a youngest (wanting to be taken care of) usually make a good match and force the other out of a comfort zone.Middle with middle: You're both sensitive and compromising, so the biggest potential pitfall here is a lack of communication due to fear of confrontation.Oldest with oldest: You both like to be in control, so be prepared to butt heads often.For this to work, both sides need to learn to compromise instead of insisting on getting his or her own way all the time.Make sure to emphasize helping each other express opinions and feelings.Middle with youngest: Because a middle child is likely to take on the traits of those around him, it's possible you'll acquire some youngest tendencies.Your parents have lived and learned at the hands of your older siblings, so they're more likely to let you do your thing.Chances are you're up for anything — a result of not really having a say as a kid.


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