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They often times can be quite thrifty themselves, while at the same time not being over the top.Unlike what you will find in countries such as Ukraine, Belarus and even Russia where girls will blatantly ask you to buy them gifts prior to or after a first date, Polish women will never resort to such tactics.

In Poland, it’s extremely rare to encounter such advances by Polish women.

As one would imagine, this is an immediate red flag, and if you’re looking for an LTR, completely drop all contact with the subject at hand.

Polish women on average are quite feminine, and are known to offer a vary laid back and easy to get along with vibe.

They are compassionate, low on the drama scale and enjoy a good time.

Polish people place emphasis on the home and family, and this can often be an attraction for those looking for similar values.

Polish dating novices should be prepared to meet family members and go on family outings with the object of their affections; they should expect celebrations for birthdays, name days and other holidays to be full of food, fun and laughter.

Oh, and buy a good hat – Polish weddings are also lavish, three day affairs which will make ordinary weddings look a little dull in comparison.

Last but not least, one of the biggest perks of Polish dating is being taken from dating websites all the way to your partner’s town or village in Poland.

Simply register with free Standard account, set up your profile and start looking for Polish love today.

Here are the top five reasons to try Polish dating.


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