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Am I the only one struck by the allure of a gruff, barely literate peon drenched in sweat after a hard day of killing trees in Ashenvale?I think more orcs should follow Garry's example and wear shirts a lot less.

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Everytime I log in ready to play im hit with this daunting stupid list of "achievements" I already got the pillars of creation, i did the stupid suramar time sink. Friends ask me if they should return to wow and i tell them about pathfinder and they are simply baffled at why blizz would force players to play a certain way in order to have a "feature" they used to enjoy with a gold sink.

Ive been using to help me figure out which quests I havent done, but holy crap, the site has so many javascripts running on them, it makes the site virtually un-useable after about 5 minutes of being on it, and 99% of the time you go to the location of a quest that you havent done, the NPC isnt giving out the quest because you didnt do another quest in another quest line that unlocks the quest you're at. I doubt it, but is there any addons that help people get loremaster by telling them exactly WHICH quests you need to be doing with where you're at in your progression?

- Players behind them should get a 1% movement speed increase and that racial is called Follower of the Waggle.

Hey all, So as you can see I just finished my Void Elf and am looking at leveling another class to 110 but not exactly sure what to do. Seriously, those inviting tusks, massive shoulders and hunched backs?

Are my stats stealthily scaled down to a specific level, so I think I'm doing level 110 damage when I'm really scaled down to 100?

What is happening if I group up with a level 100 character and quest in a scaled zone with them?

Also for Priests all three should be shadowy of some kind. I've done every Steamwheedle quest in the game that's available to me.

So, I don't know how to explain this but I'll do my best. In fact I did some quests twice because I made this character pre cata and that reset some quests and added some more. The only thing available to me is to grind Southsea Freebooters or whatever, but doing the math I'd have to kill like 4 billion of them or something to actually get it. I'm getting too old to "live to win" stuff like they did in south park.

An example of what I mean could be like; despite the human races commitment to the alliance, some rebellious heroes being crushed by the oppressive government of stormwind, formed a band of troops, seeking refuge in Sylvanases Kingdom.

It could be like a side quest or a micro-transaction (I don't really mind).


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