Dan gheesling is dating

He believes that for the most part, men and women are equal.

He doesn’t believe in the ideas of feminism, however.

Dan also thinks that America is not ready for a female president.

He claims that he would move out of the country if Hilary Clinton won the presidency.

Frank couldn't understand why there was a campaign to undercut him and made a deal with Shane to work together.

Shane stuck to it and didn't nominate him when he won HOH the following week, but when he won Power of Veto he removed Ashley Iocco, whom he had nominated along with Joe, and sneakily back-doored Frank into nomination with a sure bet he'd be gone.Claiming that he has control over his emotions, Dan also dislikes tattoos and piercings.He believes that growing up in a conservative area can be attributed to his aversion for them.He particularly likes the color black, and one of the reasons why is because he thinks he wears it well.Some of his other favorite activities are running, coaching football and going out with his friends.Because Shane Meaney had voted to evict Frank, after Frank earlier had a talk with the guy and felt he could trust him, Frank nominated Shane.However, Shane is a physical guy and won the Power of Veto, removing himself from nomination.His targeting initially was uncalled for, as he himself joked privately to his coach, former champion Mike "Boogie" Malin, that in the early days of the show he'd only won one competition.But like many such situations, nominating Frank became the thing to do, even after he made deals with oodles of fellow house guests to keep each other "safe" in the coming weeks.Dan became known for his alliance with his friend Memphis, but was especially famous for winning Big Brother 10 unanimously. But I have watched every season and it can be intriguing at times, with some contestants fascinating to watch with their inflated egos and overblown personalities.


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