Cultural affiliation dating

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Those youngsters who attended church and participated in religious activities more were more likely to do well in school and to stay out of trouble. For hundreds of generations in the past, it has bonded communities and been the basis for many people's lives.

Of course, religion, spirituality, and faith is only one part of this adaptation and socialization process and it interacts with many other factors in affecting how an Asian immigrant adjusts to his/her new life in the U. Even with changes in culture, physical location, and social institutions, its effect lives on.

One of the largest, most up to date, and most comprehensive sources is the American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS), conducted by researchers at Trinity College (CT).

The ARIS was first conducted in 1990, again in 2000, and the most recent wave was completed in 2008. The following table is taken from Table 10 of the ARIS 2008 report (630 KB).

As such, many churches are almost like social service agencies in terms of the ways in which they help Asian Americans in practical, day-to-day matters.

Cultural affiliation dating

Other scholars and studies show that churches can also provide social status and prestige for their members.Unitarian (Universalist), 'Spiritual but not religious,' Eclectic, 'a bit of everything,' own beliefs, Other liberal faith groups, New Age, Wica (Wiccan), Pagan, Other New Age groups, Native American Religions The category of "Christian Generic" (comprising those who identified as Christian, Protestant, Evangelical/ Born Again Christian, Born Again, Fundamentalist, Independent Christian, Missionary Alliance Church, and Non-Denominational Christian) is the fourth-largest group at 10% in 2008.Other Christian and Protestant denominations are listed below that.But they all share the commonality of helping Asian Americans adjust to life in the U. and all the issues that surround what it means to be an Asian American.As several social scientists point out, these various forms of spirituality and faith help Asian Americans to deal with the upheavals of immigration, adapting to a new country, and other difficult personal and social transformations by providing a safe and comfortable environment in which immigrants can socialize, share information, and assist each other.The results show that in 2008, Muslims represented 8% of the Asian American population (up from 3% in 1990) and "New Religious Movements" (comprising those who identified as Scientology, New Age, Eckankar, Spiritualist, Unitarian-Universalist, Deist, Wiccan, Pagan, Druid, Indian Religion, Santeria, and Rastafarian) claiming 2% in 2008.These results are largely confirmed by a second comprehensive survey of religious identification taken in 2008, the U. Religious Landscape Survey (1.2 MB), a national survey of over 35,000 respondents conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.S., since the majority of Asian Americans are foreign-born (source: 2000 CIA World Factbook): Again, these stats are imperfect because as China and Viet Nam are both officially atheist countries, there are no statistics on the proportions of religions in each country.Ultimately, as there is so much diversity in the Asian American population in so many ways, so too this applies to our religions and practices of spirituality and faith.In this process, religious traditions can help in the process of forming Asian immigrant communities by giving specific Asian ethnic groups another source of solidarity, in addition to their common ethnicity, on which to build relationships and cooperation.In fact, history shows that numerous churches and religious organizations played very important roles in helping immigrants from China, Japan, the Philippines, South Asia, and Korea adjust to life in the U. Also, the secular functions of religion are just as, if not even more important in helping Asian Americans in their everyday lives.


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