Credits backdating

Thousands of people who wrongly had tax credits stopped may be able to claim back-dated payments.

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If you believe you had tax credits incorrectly cancelled, call the number on the decision letter and request “mandatory reconsideration”.

Refugees who claimed income support (IS) within one month of being granted refugee status used to have the right to have their claims backdated to the date they first claimed asylum in the UK.

Backdating of IS for refugees was scrapped from 14 June 2007 and replaced with refugee integration loans (see below).

If a positive decision is made on an application for asylum, a person is no longer an asylum seeker and is granted one of the following statuses: Following a positive decision, support from the Home Office stops and the person is given 28 days to navigate the social security system and also, in many cases, vacate their accommodation and find somewhere else to live.

All the above types of leave allow the person to claim benefits and tax credits on the same basis as a UK national and mean s/he is no longer a 'person subject to immigration control'.


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