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Five decades of music that include bluegrass, traditional, legends, and live cuts from the Grand Ole Opry, is a lot to keep up with and Music Master makes it all come together! Read More Music Master has the ease of use that novice users appreciate, and at the same time the power the advance MD's want to dig deep and fine tune the database and rules to schedule exactly what you want it to schedule. Read More Making award-winning local radio isn’t just about the music mix…

it’s about everything in-between and all around it.

We started exploring our options and many of us felt that Music Master was hands down the best product available. Read More Music Master makes my job that much easier.

It does everything that I've wanted in a scheduling program...

Also known as the The Million Dollar Dawn Dig on 2Day FM (pic) and there was The Million Dollar Vault where they had to shovel cash out of a bank vault. Merrick and Rosso gave two listeners the wedding of their dreams. Not to be confused with Merrick & Rosso’s Pirate Ship, which just went around the Sydney harbour a bit.

Then, day by day, they de-constructed the dream wedding into a nightmare. Despite some rumours, the name wasn’t original or controversial – it dates back to radio in the 1970s.

It has an intuitive and fully customizable interface, with drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste like a classic spreadsheet. Read More I feel the feature that helps me the most and saves me the most time is the ability to design assignment grids for the different events during the year and activate them when I need them such as Christmas music. Read More I would NOT be able to do my job without Music Master. Read More I'm glad that through my entire radio career, Music Master has been what I've been using.

With so many different stations, markets, and program directors, there are a million different requests I get for quirky ways to schedule a station. Sure, I've tried other music scheduling software, but, honestly, I've never found one that works as well or is as user-friendly as Music Master. Read More We added Music Master in 2009, and since then, it's been a crucial tool at our station.

Logs are a breeze to edit and I set up my log editor to color code all the songs so I can see an hour's tempo at a glance. Read More Music Master makes scheduling a cinch with rule alerts.

The software helps me notice when I've selected a song that fails a rule; I can even customize and activate rule alerts under the tools header. Read More Music Master is vital to programming a station like 650 AM WSM.


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