Consolidating student loan with buying a home

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When you refinance multiple loans, the lender will evaluate your current financial profile to provide a rate that reflects your financial progress since you originally took out the loans. Our payment is a bit higher but at least now we know our rate is the best we can get, it will not fluctuate and we are confident that we will have it paid off in 5 years. Online interface could be improved (especially as compared to So Fi's). I started the process and found that as I went each step of the way, instructions were clear and easy to follow. Everything fell into place and all was done relatively quickly.

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I refinanced my student loans with Earnest more than a year ago and, now that we're expecting our first baby, we refinanced a second time. PLUS - the rates offered were easily the best of all the competitors (and I checked). I had been trying to consolidate my federal and private loans for years, at least 8 to be exact, and until I found Earnest it was impossible to do so.I found that they were super easy to deal with, have very flexible terms, and amazing interest rates. After some time, I decided to shop around for some lower interest rates, and Earnest offered to lower my interest and match what the competitors were giving me!I would recommend Earnest to all of my friends and family! Originally, I was on a variable rate that started to climb. Earnest offers a progressive take on lending, and surely they're able to approve many applicants that other lenders would not.I was able to refinance my student loans for less than half of the interest I was paying before.In doing so, I was able to hack off 3 years of the life of my loan and I will save over ,000 in interest. Definitely recommend Earnest to anyone that is looking to better their financial future.Through them I've greatly reduced my interest rates and monthly payments, without increasing my repayment terms significantly.I previously had my loans at So Fi, but I heard of Earnest through a friend and I decided to look into them.Student loan consolidation is the process of unifying several loans with different rates and terms into a single loan with a single payment.The blended interest rate is determined by calculating the weighted average interest rate of the original loans (meaning higher balance loans have greater impact). I had a great experience recently in refinancing my student loans!Perhaps, I could have received a better rate elsewhere.Moreover, the application process wasn't entirely friendly.


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