Cons of dating older man

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The only real PI advantage is much better English, although it was still hard to understand most bargirls.

But some had much better English than anyone I have met in Thailand - other than of course Long Gun, but he isn't a girl so he doesn’t count.

The irony is that in Thailand sexwork is acknowledged as a big part of the economy, even though many Thai's don't like it.

In PI even with GRO's required by law to have the weekly STD tests, supposedly they don't have sex.

PI has vastly more corruption with police looking for bribes all the time, armed police all over even heavily armed security guards at the Manila Mc Donald's - (must be for a reason) etc.

As someone said, "In all the years I have lived in the Philippines, I adopted an attitude that my idea of an honest cop was one that when you bribed him he stayed bribed!I realize sometimes they cheat but in Thailand while some bars seem to require testing to be hired, there seems to be no ongoing test requirements.However the HIV rate is quite low in Bangkok and Pattaya compared to the villages in the northern provinces.This I'm sure is due to English being required learning in PI schools early and English is an official second language in PI, unlike in Thailand.The English advantage in PI is not that significant however, especially with the bargirls.COPYRIGHTED 1999 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - MAY BE REPRINTED OR QUOTED FROM ONLY IF CREDIT IS GIVEN , and/or show link to page where material was quoted if you are getting it from our website.I request a note where it was quoted or republished or if reprinted a copy of the publication.I hope the information is helpful to many, but want to be sure it is properly credited as I try and do for all material I use.Since my PI reports on and my saying I would also soon be going to Thailand, I have received lots of E-mail from many men very interested in how I would compare PI vs. Many are torn between those choices for first trips just as I was.But not knowing Thai does make any meaningful intelligent girlfriend conversing (verbal intimacy) almost impossible at least for me during my first trip.Yet I know there are some Thai girls that do speak good English, they are just rarer in Thailand than in PI.n PI I like the fact the "Guest Relationship Officers" (GRO’s) have to be STD tested weekly and tested for HIV monthly.


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