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And since I'm not a paying member, I wasn't even able to read his email.

In fact, the ONLY thing I could do was Decline his email (unless, of course, I wanted to pay and join e Harmony.) And there was no way to even let him know that I was declining his email because I wasn't a paying member! Someone took the trouble to write me an email after I suggest "let's chat" and I have no option but to Decline and I can't even let him know why!Valid through ) 4-Day Flash Sale - Save up to 28.5% on your next subscription at Christian!Click here and Meet Your Christian Soulmate from Christian! 4-Day Flash Sale - Save up to 28.5% on your next subscription at Christian!So, if you're on e Harmony, or you were thinking of checking it out, be aware that the "Free Communication Weekends" are limited to "guided communication" and you are very limited in what communication you can do.If someone suggests you go to direct communication, you will have no ability to let him/her know that you aren't able to do that. For a service that's promoting relationships and communication, I'd say their advertisements are very misleading.I filled out the VERY LONG questionnaire and after getting accepted was sent some matches.Most of the matches lived much farther from me than I wanted and most were much older than me... I couldn't see photos and I couldn't search on my own.But..weekend is a "free communication weekend" so I wanted to take advantage of it and picked the one guy who (at least based on profile) looked closest to a match. "I searched all over for some special promotional code that would let me communicate and finally figured out that the only "free communication" I'm able to do is send canned flirts and "guided communication questions." So I sent Dave a free, "Looks like we have a lot in common.I then spent the next 30 minutes crafting a very clever email to "Dave" (email is my specialty when it comes to online dating) and hit send, only to have e Harmony pop up an ad telling me I'd have to pay in order to send the email! Let's Chat" message along with stupid 5 canned questions with their multiple choice answers. First, he sent a canned flirt reply that suggested I post my photo.Tasha has been working in Silicon Valley for the past 20 years, enjoying a long-lived career in Product Management and Marketing.She is currently the Vice President of Product Management for Next Advisor, and in addition to product development, I. projects and an assortment of other endeavors, she has has spent the last 8 years covering all things credit, credit cards and identity theft protection.


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