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Don't fret, at the very least, the list of words women tend to gravitate towards will serve helpful, with things like "finals", "course", "class", "test", "teacher" and "notes" being the ones you might want to use.

Don't slouch; do nod and smile when she's talking; and put your beer on the bar between sips, rather than clutching it like a life preserver.

Because if you don't believe in yourself as a sex machine, she never will. If you lay it on too thick and make yourself the focus (or, worse, the hero) of every story you tell, you know what we'll think? Nice guys hate to offend, so they add "just kidding" after every sarcastic comment. You don't have to be so gushing and eager to please.

For those guys out there looking to land the woman of his dreams, it takes more than just good looks, a little bit of "game" and a nice smile.

In fact, according to new research from our friends over at Ask Men — who teamed up with online dating app Zoosk — your best chance at snagging a dimepiece is by getting a degree!

But if you are genuinely listening to her (You are, right? ) and you manage to observe something about her inner person, it will get you far, because it's rare. Years ago, a guy in a bar told Em she had great style, and she's never forgotten it -- it's a million times better than "You look hot in that."Touch her.

You could be totally off base, but it doesn't matter: People are always fascinated by a near stranger's assessment of their character. After you've developed a rapport, find a lighthearted excuse for a little skin-to-skin contact -- like a gentle shoulder punch when she makes you laugh, an elbow touch as you click on some shared delight, or a cozy duet at a karaoke bar. When a woman sees a guy with cool female friends, she assumes (a) he's a laugh to be around; (b) he genuinely likes women, rather than just their body parts; (c) he's not desperate; and (d) he'll probably still respect her in the morning.Funny stories are always good -- Em's fiancé cracked her up the first time they met by recounting how he got chased down by his neighbor's pet monkey after making monkey faces at it. And a cloak of humor can disguise your intentions just enough: Ask her jokingly if she'd like to come up and see your etchings. Compliments That Work -- or Don't Nice guys give nice compliments. We asked 700 women to rate the following compliments on a scale of "gag" to "melt." 1. Men always ask us why women won't sleep with nice guys. It's just that jerks have been able to perfect the first-impression package that catches our attention.And in our years as sex-advice columnists, it has become clear that you good guys can learn from the players.Yep, that's right, fellas, women "Dating profiles with the word "college" in it were found to be 64 percent more likely to get replies than the average user.The runner-up education-related keyword was "school," which gets 55 percent more replies than average.If not, there are plenty of other people out there. Now for the fact that you don’t know how the hell to date because you’ve spent your college years rolling around a dark dorm room with anyone who will have you.Or perhaps you just got to college and you’ve decided to be an honest man.Sharing a laugh makes her feel you two are "connecting." In fact, it's a far better indicator that she'll go home with you than sharing a kiss. But please, no knock-knock jokes or movie quotes -- you have to be witty and irreverent.


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