Clementine ford dating a man

Clementine Ford is a fraud and should be fired from her job as a columnist for the ABC or any other publication for which she writes.

This woman is toxic, the whole publication is toxic and is a great example of the sheer lack of journalistic integrity that exists within sections of the SMH.

I strongly doubt that Ford meant to quote the ALRC but referenced RAINN with its “Justice Department” statistics instead.

Even if that was the case, this article has been online for more than a year and no-one appears to have spotted the error or bothered to inform the publisher or the readers and print a correction of American statistics as relevant to an American men’s rights convention – the article’s subject, or analyse and reference Australian statistics instead.

“Clementine Ford is a freelance writer, broadcaster and public speaker based in Melbourne.

She writes on feminism, pop culture and social issues.” So reads her profile on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s website.

The figure in question has changed, due to an update in source, and more on that later. Also, what is this Justice Department and how is it different to the Department of Justice?

But all the figures here have been revised down, most significantly the first one, despite citing the same study. It turns out that this study does not appear to exist.

A measure that would have “paid off”, had it been attempted – they happen to coincide with Ford’s 3% claim.

Coincidence naturally not being evidence, but I digress. The least helpful way of discussing it is by means of false statistics.


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