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When working as a drug dealer, you only have a 5% chance of getting caught (instead of a 15% chance for everyone else).

When having sex for charm you can get 10-14 charm each time. (This is the type you will need to pick to follow the Walkthrough after this introduction) The differences in game play are: When studying you can get 15-19 knowledge each time.

When training for strength you can get 10-14 strength each time. When having sex for charm you can only get 5-9 charm each time.

After you exit, you will see the main beginning sequence of the game.

You may watch it or press the x on the screen to skip it.

You can also click on the door to the left to enter the classroom. You study by clicking on the books on the desk near you, however right now Tomoko is blocking your view of that desk.

In the classroom you can click on Akira or Tomoko to have them explained to you as well.

On the next screen, you will be asked to give a name, height, and weight.

Whatever you decide to put down will not affect game play or whether or not the tutorial will work for you.

If you are playing the Newgrounds version dont worry about it.

Before reading this guide, keep in mind that the walkthrough contained here is not the only way to do things.


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