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(performer: "The Sound of Music", "Children Of The Revolution", "Your Song", "The Pitch (Medley)", "One Day I'll Fly Away", "Elephant Love Medley", "Come What May", "El Tango de Roxanne (Medley)") Isn't Halle Berry the most beautiful woman? I mean, I'd like to be with her in" - At the 2002 Golden Globe Awards commenting to Melissa Rivers on Halle Berry, who just walked by.Taking to the stage at the Beverly Hilton, a Golden Globe pressed into his hand, actor Ewan Mc Gregor said: ‘I want to take a moment to just say thank you to Eve, who always stood by me for 22 years.

The protective reactions of her oldest daughter, Clara, who is a model and actress, point in the same direction.Ewan, meanwhile, has moved to a bachelor pad nearby, taking with him his vintage Rolls-Royce, collection of motorbikes, his camper van and — in November — his valuable art works; a final painful affirmation that he won’t be back.Eve, a production designer who put her own career on hold to raise their family, is now left to contemplate divorce.And my four children, I love you.’In the usual run of things, a heartfelt thanks to one’s wife and children during awards season is to be expected.Except that on Sunday night, everyone watching knew that in this case it was something rather out of the ordinary.Eve, a production designer who put her own career on hold to raise their family, is now left to contemplate divorce from husband Ewan Mc Gregor, they are pictured here at the exclusive Filmmakers Dinner during the Cannes International Film Festival in 2012In all interviews over decades — and as recently as last year — Ewan insisted on her paramount importance to him.As she mused on Instagram in November, in bewilderment: ‘What can I do?As they have lived in California since 2008, she will be entitled to file for divorce out there and can expect to get 50 per cent of his £26 million fortune, plus ongoing child support.Papers have yet to be submitted to court and none of the higher-profile attorneys in Los Angeles were saying this week if they were acting for either party.The prevailing message was that Ewan’s convention-busting speech was a display of gracious good manners.His decision to walk the red carpet solo, without his new woman (who, at 33, is nearly 20 years younger than his 51-year-old wife), was interpreted in the same light: to be the ‘good guy’.


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