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I can reveal the 17-year-old ­daughter of OASIS frontman NOEL and ex-wife MEG MATHEWS has taken back her boyband lover REECE BIBBY two years after their split.

But super-rich Bey has infuriated fans this week by charging them a whopping £233 for her new coffee table book.

How To Make Lemonade is being released as a 600-page hardback and comes with a double vinyl version of last year’s album Lemonade.

And after struggling to make things work, the couple have now called it a day.

A pal said: “Gerry just isn’t ready to settle down. “He has been away filming and he thought it would be better if they went their separate ways.

He was held underwater and dragged over a rocky reef until he was rescued by a safety worker on jet-skis.

He was hospitalized for minor injuries and released.

But he may struggle to find time for romance in the next few months.

He has at least six major projects in the pipeline, including Dreamworks animation How To Train Your Dragon 3, Hunter Killer alongside GARY OLDMAN and Angel Has Fallen with MORGAN FREEMAN.

Just a few days after his last holiday with Morgan, Gerard was spotted partying with friends at the Amante Beach Club in Ibiza.

Gerard, who divides his time between California and Glasgow, has a reputation as a ladies’ man, having previously been linked to actresses JESSICA BIEL and JENNIFER ANISTON.


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