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The answer is that while these individuals were not the catalyst for the disaster, now that the disaster is going to happen, they'd need a tremendous amount of merit to be saved from it in a miraculous way.

It's like the story of two guys on a boat, and one of them is drilling a hole in the bottom. As the prophet says "The Jewish people are like a flock of sheep" – because when one is attacked, they all go into hysteria. In the Hebrew year 2448, Moses wrote the first part of the Torah, from Genesis up until the revelation at Mount Sinai.

By the end of his life, Moses had written 13 Torah scrolls -- one for each tribe, and one more to place in the Ark of the Covenant.

But unfortunately, there also might have been a few shaking their finger silently, viewing it as an attack on a single group.

But because he did his horrible act at a JCC, the attitude is completely different. Indeed, the concept of the Jewish people standing together as one is deeply engrained in our national heritage. The Kabbalists say that we are really one collective soul, all part of the same reality.


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