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Now, cranberry bogs in Massachusetts account for 30 percent of the global cranberry acreage and nearly 7,000 jobs locally. Makepeace Company Headquarters at Tihonet Village in Warham for the 13th annual Cranberry Harvest Celebration. Makepeace is the world’s largest cranberry producer and has been operating for 160 years.

The event is rain or shine, so be sure to check the A. Makepeace website for updates on weather and directions. Makepeace Company Headquarters at Tihonet Village, 158 Tihonet Road, Wareham,

, free for children under 7, Saturday, October 8, and Sunday, October 9, 10 a.m.

Following Thursday’s foursome matches, the Bay State squad entered Friday’s round with a 14-point lead over Connecticut and Rhode Island.

------------------------- 84th Tri-State Matches Quick Links ------------------------- When the last singles match was decided, Team Massachusetts had secured a 29-point victory, which marked the 35th championship overall for the Bay State dating back to the tournament’s inaugural year in 1928.


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