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There are 2 other methods you can view how much juice is left on your phone. Switch between basic and scientific calculator Simply rotate your phone to landscape screen orientation to switch from basic to scientific calculator.5.Hide unused apps If you wish to make those unused apps disappear from your Home screen More info.: Honor 8: How to hide unused apps? The Mirror app Use the Mirror app to check your appearance and make some touch ups. You can also long tap on the screen for a surprise. Show network speed in the status bar You can make the network connection speed visible at all times in the status bar. Open Sound recorder, Calculator, Torch and Camera from the lock screen On the Lock screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get the icons to open Sound recorder, Calculator, Torch and Camera directly.

If the given live wallpapers aren’t what you want, you can get it from the Google Play store or Huawei app store.

After downloading the live wallpaper, it will appear in the Local tab. Automate deletion of magazine style lock screen wallpapers If you’re using the Magazine style lock screen, odds are you have the auto-download-of-new-wallpapers feature enabled.

Head to your device’s Settings Schedule power on and off to set the times to have your phone does it automatically for you. Multiple ways to start screen recording Honor 8 features a built-in screen recorder, and you can use any of these methods to start a recording.17.

Use gloves mode If you want to control your phone without exposing your hands to extreme temperatures, turn on the Gloves mode.18.

Noob Meter is likely the first (and so far only) site supporting the rating, and thus helps in the testing of the rating, but, like the WN7 and WN6 ratings before this, it is not a Noob Meter rating. Also, WN6 is in practice extremely similar to WN7, so I suggest everyone just uses WN7 instead. Bad players get lower ratings than they did for WN7, good players get higher ratings than they did for WN7.

The rating is developed by the authors as listed above. Therefore, Noob Meter can only support a limited number of ratings without needing to upgrade to a more powerful database server (which involves additional costs). Expanded compared to WN7 in both directions, but with the same average. You can post questions about the rating's implementation in Noob Meter here, but for anything related to the actual rating, please contact the authors of the rating in the official WN8 rating thread.

Some of you will have noticed that player pages now include a "WN8 Rating (alpha-test)" in place of "WN6 Rating".

This is an early testing version of the WN8 Rating being developed by Praetor77, bjshnog, and many others (this is not an exhaustive list).

Several methods to take photos Besides tapping the Shutter button to take pictures, here are some other methods:2.

Quickly snap a photo when your phone display is off If you want to capture a fleeting moment with your phone’s camera, there is actually a way to do it without turning on your phone’s display.


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