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She's making her own name on House Rules but Jessica Dover bears a resemblance to another famous face, that of Meghan Markle.The 24-year-old says she's often mistaken for the 36-year-old actress and soon to be member of the royal family.This is not to imply that racism does not exist among the Australians – it does within an intolerant minority.

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It's a powerful take on familiar sporting themes, told with economy and understatement.

Set in remote Prospect Bay - a ramshackle South Australian fishing town - it revolves around two 16-year-old boys in the local Rules side: Gary Black, who is white, and, Dumby Red, who is black. Gary (Nathan Phillips) is a thoughtful, studious and not overly physical kid whose best friend Dumby (Luke Carroll) is the team's star player.

Love of sports Like their male counterparts, Australian women too are avid sports fans.

The love of sports is a truly Aussie thing and apart from being players themselves, women here are keen followers of various kinds of games - not only their much beloved Aussie Rules but cricket, tennis, rugby, soccer, swimming and basically anything that is outdoors and active.

Originally written as part of the preparations for the Australian Bicentenary of permanent white settlement in 1988, the song eventually it came to be taught in primary schools and sung at many citizenship ceremonies.

Very soon the song was taken up by rugby fans who were reported singing “I Am Australian” at train stations and at tournaments.Football has been a testing ground for intolerance, condescension and changing perceptions of indigenous Australians who excel at the game often enjoy hero status, but are not always accorded the basic respect they are entitled to as people.This sharp and well-crafted story has the sinew of films such as Walkabout and Wake in Fright.Prospect Bay is, ironically, a Tidy Town runner-up where fairness and tolerance, the essential ingredients in any sport - and in all social behaviour - are not sufficient to either win the vital game or to triumph over ingrained prejudice.The young leads are superb, with Flanagan, Phillips and Carroll all displaying sensitivity and courage.TIP: This website has many Australian women looking for wealthy men to date.Respect multiculturalism One of the first things you will notice about Australian when you get here is that people of all colors are found to throng its urban streets.The locals have reached the finals of the regional comp and are set to play the monster side from Gundaroo.Their coach Arks (Kevin Harrington), the local butcher, is a goose who knows only one way forward, but Gary's mum Liz, splendidly played by Celia Ireland, has a more subtle tactical approach.So one of the most important things to remember while interacting with Australian women is to respect their cosmopolitan and multicultural ethics.Avoid making politically incorrect comments or referring to certain races and ethnicities with disrespect.


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