Are chris pratt and anna faris dating

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Directed by The Hunger Games' Francis Lawrence, the actress stars as Russian spy Dominika Egorova who falls in love with a CIA officer, played by Joel Edgerton., has come out, with the foreword written by her estranged husband, Chris Pratt.

On screen, they played a couple, but in reality, she was still married to Indra.

All the more reason for Faris to be so skeptical of Pratt’s kindness toward her. And after Indra failed to impress during a visit to the set, Grace even asked her “what the f—k are you doing with that guy?

Plus Pratt must have known she was married when he was hitting on her on set, but that’s not to say she was acting like it.

These people exhaust me, and I’m not surprised their marriage didn’t last.

She just seems great,” the Oscar winner, 58, gushed to E! “We have amazing friends and incredible family and we just feel safe and protected and happy and so far he is.

Jennifer Lawrence has finally addressed her relationship with Passengers' co-star Chris Pratt, setting the record straight on those romance rumours.

Read how Faris characterizes her breakup – it was “exhausting” to have to work through marital problems and she didn’t want to break up in person because “ feelings as she avoided facing her communication issues with Indra (there’s more in there about how they didn’t talk and were disconnected).

You don’t dump someone you’re married to and have been with for years over the phone!

You might do that if they committed an unforgivable act but that’s not what happened in this case.

Also, she admits that she never would have broken up her marriage if she didn’t meet Pratt because she “” That’s so selfish.


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