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"We'll have a time limit based on the number of families attending," Varnell said."They’ll have a certain number of minutes with each person and then families will rotate and sitters stay where they are" and meet the next family.

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"Our major medical center recently introduced electronic medical records, which will hopefully further boost rates of preventive care," says Dr. Doctors will soon be able to program preventive-care reminders into patients' e-records so they never miss screenings. Score points for your heart NBA lockout or not, nets are swishing in Madison, where folks shoot hoops more often than in 98 of the 100 cities we ranked.

Still, disease prevention is a two-way street in this city. about switching to digital records, and then download the My Chart app, which lets you use your smartphone to view your medical file and any screening reminders.

"Sprint beyond the midcourt line with every quick change of possession.

To maximize your pickup payoff, "don't just hang out on one end of the floor," says Paris.

to a.m., Saturday, at Snicker Doodles Play Cafe , 3721 Lynn Rd., in north Raleigh.

Varnell hopes to offer one in Apex in the near future.

During the event, breakfast and childcare will be provided so parents can focus on getting to know the prospective sitters.

Snicker Doodles is an indoor play place with activities designed for toddlers and preschoolers.

The device communicates wirelessly with your TV to match outdoor video footage with your speed.

"We have about 65 miles of trails, many of which are interconnected," says Renee Jordan, the city's trail system planner."Plus, Plano has sidewalks everywhere, so people can jog directly to the trails." Follow the Plano prescription for fitness, and your mind and body will thank you—a Utah State University study found that outdoor runners felt more revitalized than gym-bound runners. Buy a treadmill with a Passport media player, such as the AFG 7.1AT treadmill (,000,


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