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See the Wikimedia Foundation board resolution on licensing for more information.

Some examples of licensing statuses commonly found on the Internet, but forbidden on Commons, include: Non-permitted licenses may only be used on Commons if the work is multi-licensed under at least one permitted license.

The license that applies to an image or media file must be indicated clearly on the file description page using a copyright tag.

All information required by that license must be provided on the description page.

This page gives non-lawyers an overview of complicated copyright laws through an example-based tutorial.

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It aims to help uploaders decide whether an image or other media file is acceptable on Wikimedia Commons.If you are a re-user looking for information on how to use Commons content in your own work, see Commons: Reusing content outside Wikimedia.Wikimedia Commons only accepts free content, that is, images and other media files that are not subject to copyright restrictions which would prevent them being used by anyone, anytime, for any purpose.In particular, the license must meet the following conditions: Sometimes, authors wish to release a lower quality or lower resolution version of an image or video under a free license, while applying stricter terms to higher quality versions.It is unclear whether such a distinction is legally enforceable, but Commons's policy is to respect the copyright holder's intentions by hosting only the lower quality version. For an explanation of the justification for this licensing policy, see Commons: Licensing/Justifications.The following restrictions must not apply to the image or other media file: Commons also allows works that are not protected by copyright (i.e. You can offer as many licenses for a file as you want as long as at least one of them meets the criteria for free licenses above.For example, files under a "non-commercial" license are OK only if they are at the same time also released under a free license that allows commercial use.Also, do not use the GPL and LGPL licenses as the only license for your own works if it can be avoided, as they are not really suitable for anything but software.Works which are not available under a license which meets the Definition of Free Cultural Works are explicitly not allowed.The information given on the description page should be sufficient to allow others to verify the license status.It would be best to do this immediately in the summary field on the upload form.


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