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), also known as the Holocaust Memorial (German: Holocaust-Mahnmal), is a memorial in Berlin to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, designed by architect Peter Eisenman and engineer Buro Happold.It consists of a 19,000 m site covered with 2,711 concrete slabs or "stelae", arranged in a grid pattern on a sloping field.

Eventually the grey pillars become smaller again as visitors ascend towards the exit.

Some have interpreted this as the rise and fall of the Third Reich or the Regime’s gradual momentum of power that allowed them to perpetrate such atrocities on the Jewish community.

It can be reached by public transportation, via the Potsdamer Platz exit on the U-Bahn Line 2, Lines S1, S2, or S25 of the S-Bahn and Bus Lines 100, 200, 347, M41, or M85.

The monument is located on the former location of the Berlin Wall, where the “death strip” once divided the city.

First, they were forced into ghettos and removed from society and eventually they were removed from existence.

The more a visitor descends into the memorial, he or she is without any visible contact of the outside world.

Visitors have described the monument as isolating, triggered by the massive blocks of concrete, barricading the visitor from street noise and sights of Berlin.

As one slopes downwards into the memorial entrance the grey pillars begin to grow taller until they completely consume the visitor.

The stelae are 2.38 m (7 ft 10 in) long, 0.95 m (3 ft 1 in) wide and vary in height from 0.2 to 4.7 m (7.9 in to 15 ft 5.0 in).

Building began on April 1, 2003, and was finished on December 15, 2004.


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