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What were the total number of women candidates in Phase 1 Gujarat Election?

Click on the polling station address for more information.

An entire list of BLO, ERO, DEO, CEO, facility details and contact numbers will be provided. S=S06&A=79&P=1How to vote in Gujarat Election 2017?

New Delhi: Gujarat election campaign came to an end on December 12.

The two leading parties - BJP and Congress - are fighting a high-pitched political contest in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home state.

What are the total number of women candidates in Phase 2 Gujarat Election?

69 women candidates are contesting in Gujarat Election, Phase 2.Stage 3: You will then proceed to the Third Polling Officer who will take the voter's slip issued to you by the Second Polling Officer.The Third Polling Officer will press the "Ballot" button on the Control Unit of voting machine and direct you to the voting compartment where you will record your vote on the balloting unit of the voting machine. Gujarat has 26 parliamentary constituencies and 182 assembly constituencies.Stage 2: If your identity is not challenged with the First Polling Officer, you will proceed to the Second Polling Officer who will mark your left forefinger with the indelible ink.Once this is recorded, you are to sign in the appropriate column in the Register of Voters.Last week, she flew down to Ahmedabad, and ended up marrying Hitesh in a Hindu ceremony on the very day they met in person for the first time.According to Hitesh, Emily and him spoke either in broken English or through gestures when they met in person.How many polling stations were there in Phase 1 Gujarat Election?The voting in Phase 1 Gujarat Election took place on 24,689 polling stations.about how they would converse with each other, Hitesh said, “Neither of us knew each other’s language so I would copy and paste her messages using Google Hindi translation to understand what she was trying to say."I would then compose my own message in Hindi, translate into English and then send it to her.” Eventually, they started keeping in touch via Google’s video chat and after around twelve months of online romance, Emily decided it was time to meet Hitesh in person.


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