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The secondary weapon was a shortsword called a kopis, which had a heavy curved section at the end.

"Neither Philip nor Alexander actually used the phalanx as their arm of choice, but instead used it to hold the enemy in place while their heavy cavalry broke through their ranks.

"Philip II spent much of his youth as a hostage at Thebes, where he studied under the renowned general Epaminondas, whose reforms were the basis for the phalanx.

Phalangites were professional soldiers, and were among the first troops ever to be drilled, thereby allowing them to execute complex maneuvers well beyond the reach of most other armies.

It seems that the month of February came and went in the blink of an eye and we are another step closer to the warmer Summer months.

To celebrate the coming of March, we've gathered some fun facts about the month that you may not have known.

This gave it a marching speed that contemporary armies could not hope to match — on occasion forces surrendered to Alexander simply because they were not expecting him to show up for several more days.

Phalangites were drilled to perform short forced marches if required" (Wikipedia article on Macedonian phalanx, accessed ).

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