21 year old dating a 17 year old

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I have been in this situation when I was 18, my gf at the time was 13. (age of consent in Canada at the time was 14) Her daughter was in grade 10, self schooling at home on correspondence, and worked full time.On more than a few occaisions law enforcement became aware we were a couple and said and did nothing.

*Ignore theory* Yes, I see no reason not to treat him like any other boy who would date my daughter. He is still in school as well (or at least school age) By the time he is out of highschool she will be 16 and that is age of consent.

If he is a relatively meek and innocent seventeen-year old, and she is fairly asserted and confident, there shouldn't be a problem.

But if she's not very self-assured, and he has a strong, aggressive personality, then there are definite reasons to be concerned.

Theory: Raised feul costs are keeping all the young dumb boy racer types at home with theyre gf's...

We have nearly 30% more underage pregnant girls this year compared to the last year...


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