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She knew she should raise with a pair of aces, and a draw for a flush. Peter had a pocket pair of kings, but Dora had the aces, and won the hand. Dora looked with worry at the very small stack of chips remaining in front of her husband. Wanda still smiled, then showed the ace and two of hearts. Might as well do it right away," Wanda said with a big grin. Most of the money was piling up in front of Mitch, but Wanda had a good stack, too. She was sure he did not to this without reason, he probably had a flush, but still she held her breath. Peter showed the king and jack of hearts, he indeed had a flush. Next time you you are the big blind, you will have to sell Dora's clothes. Dora slowly lost more and more; and so did Phil and Sara. " "Fine." Wanda took a white and a black checker piece, and held them up for dramatic effect. "We play as usual, but if you run out of chips you must first sell the clothes. Unlike strip poker, you have to sell the clothes before you bet the chips. "Ok, please continue, Wanda." "Now the markers, they are special. It counts as 25 dollar," "We are pretty cheap, all of us! "It counts as 25 dollars," Wanda continued, "and if you win the hand, you just take it back. He can get the 25 dollars, and nothing more happens. "The guys only have one hole, so if one of us girls win we can fuck him from behind with this one." "Wait a moment! If I win over one of you girls, I have to fuck Mitch or Phil in the ass? In the end, she could not ignore that the correct play was to raise, so she raised a rather large amount, expecting Peter to fold. Now they all began to bet a bit more freely, nevertheless nothing dramatic happened for the next 15 minutes.

Dora and Peter sat down in the sofa and relaxed for a few minutes. It is optional, you can go all-in without playing it. It is worth the same as your partner's virtue, 25 dollars.

The poker club meets the first Saturday every month, the three couples would take turns hosting it and making dinner.

We were soaked in sweat, and had to take an extra shower.

But if your wife loses, one of us is going to rape your ass, that cannot be avoided." "Oh, that is OK. " They were seated so men and women sat alternately, and husband and wife on opposite sites of the table. Everybody played even more tight than usual, all hands were folded before the turn, and only a little money changed hands.

" "Well, then you can have him give you a blow-job.

"Dora and Peter, do you have some kind of game pieces in two colors? "You all get poker chips, of course, but only 75 to get the action going a bit faster. And ..." she smiled wickedly, "and you don't sell your own clothes, you sell your spouse's clothes." "What? Or he can give you the 25 dollars, but then he or she gets to fuck your wife or husband any way he pleases! I am not sticking my beloved dick into such a dirty place!

Sara called with the white, without even hesitating. "Peter, I guess the food in the oven must be ready.

Dora already imagined herself fucking Mitch in the ass with the strap-on. Everybody gasped as Dora pushed the black marker forward. They were all tired, but she most of all, and she was covered in bodily fluids.

I really need a quick shower before eating." Dora went to the bathroom, and turned on the shower.

Why don't you and the other get dressed and get the food on the table.


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