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I think there was a look in her eye, or perhaps the cagey response, but something in her behavior planted the seed in my mind that that might have been what she was trying to tell me.

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Whether it's drama with other girls or the customers, it's all really fun to hear and I don't mind at all.

She also sends a lot of funny stripper memes my way and those are always fun.

We're all adults, so we should be open to talking about sex without snickering or blushing.

Man B: After my initial reaction, it's developed into something we both find really, really sexy and is often a part of our play.

Often we dirty-talk through scenarios relating to it, and it's really sexy for us.

Man C: I personally think it is extremely sexy that I am dating a stripper.We are close and I'm like a best friend to her, so when she was considering becoming a dancer, she told me.Man A: I was in a bit of a denial stage for a few moments, but then she got worried that I would break up with her because of it — I saw the worry in her eyes and took it seriously.On the inside I knew that she would really have to be transparent with me about what she was doing, because I'm not there when she is working and I can be the jealous type ... She walked right over to me and asked why I was there, and I told her it was my way of being supportive. Man A: I had been to clubs definitely more than a handful of times, since friends and I went to Atlantic City a lot. I went to one once with friends, but it's not really in my routine at all. I went from seeing the whole business as a seedy, almost brothel-like culture to just another type of showmanship — similar to an actor in a play. I think I incorporated the idea of agency that strippers and sex workers in general can have into my understanding of self, identity, and sexuality.I told her that whatever she chose I'd still be with her and support her decision. I think sex-negative perspectives were pervasive when I was growing up, and so the idea that a woman can own her body provide a transactional sexual service was contradictory to me.Sex is always a touchy subject at the beginning of a relationship — we kind of bypassed that and become more forward about what we wanted.It changed me permanently in all my future relationships, as I see beating around the bush as childish now. Man A: We were set up by close mutual friends of ours and we were together for close to eight months.When I met her, she had previously been a cam model for a while, and then she started dancing after we were together for a few months. One night about a month into dating, she asked — I thought hypothetically — how I'd react if she were a stripper.Man A: I didn't like hearing about her work because it was usually really negative and I felt bad for her, but we weren't together long enough for me to feel comfortable to commit enough to fully support her financially, especially compared to the money she’d make.She hated the men at work but enjoyed the attention; she said the girls were very toxic and had to walk on eggshells not to offend someone.


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