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They are looking for someone who is on the same level as them in terms of education level as well as income.There’s a phenomenon known as the “education squeeze”, coined by sociologists. Hence, if you put 100 men and 100 women together and ask them to pair up, at the end of the day, the two groups left: the top 20 percent most educated women, and the bottom 20 percent least educated men.Thousands turn to dating apps, each new one promising a gimmick that will find you what you seek, whether it is love or lust.

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What kind of profile, physical and personality preferences do they have?

This includes age, education level, religion, ethnicity, smoking and drinking habits, height and build. We meet every one of our clients for face-to-face consultations and this matchmaker’s assessment is very important, because sometimes how clients perceive themselves may be different from how others perceive them.

JJ Wu Chang: Hong Kong is so densely populated but the problem is that that you’re consistently surrounded by strangers.

This in fact probably makes it even harder to meet people.

Are there more available women that seek to find a partner or more available men?

If so, why do you think there is a gender imbalance?And personality preferences would include characteristics such as introverted vs. We also take the time to find out about our clients’ past relationships, passions, values and what is most important to them. Lim: We are there for our clients every step of the way, from meeting them first to learning more about their profile and preferences, handpicking their matches, arranging the date, booking the date venue, reminding our clients before the date, and contacting them at the end of every date to get their feedback.Clients will also call us to ask for dating tips or advice and we will help them in any way we can.Is there a stigma against going to a matchmaker or to speed-dating events to find a partner?Yung: When we first started 12 years ago, there used to be a stigma.I would say the quality of the people in my agency is quite high. People who have no time to get a drink, people who live generally further from bars or restaurants, or people whose social circles are less defined.Since they make up the bulk of your clients, how do heterosexual men’s preferences compare to that of heterosexual women?Coconuts Hong Kong spoke to three different matchmakers – JJ Wu Chang of Find Love in HK, Violet Lim of Lunch Actually, and Yvonne Yung of Professionals’ Matchmaking Consultancy – to uncover the secrets of this trade and ask them about the current Hong Kong dating scene. Yvonne Yung: I think the big problem in Hong Kong’s dating scene is the proportion of girls and boys.When women age, their value in the love market diminishes quickly. There are a lot of candidates and a huge market, but the availability for the supply is insufficient for the demand in general.So it’s the same with singles who are looking to find love.And as they see that our database has successful professionals just like you and me, they are more open to turning to dating agencies.


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